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Quick start

1. Clone flowser repository

git clone

2. Install dependencies

You need to have Docker and docker-compose installed on your system in order to run Flowser.

See: Docker installation instructions

3. Start Flowser

This command will start Flowser with default configuration (recommended).

npm run prod:start

You can also run flowser with this helper bash script, if you don't have npm installed.

bash start

If flowser started successfully, you should see the bellow output:

Creating frontend-prod ... done
Creating database ... done
Creating backend-prod ... done
Creating dev-wallet ... done

If you encounter any issues during app build or container start, check out our Troubleshooting Guide.

4. Open in browser

After flowser had successfully started, you can open the app in your favourite browser at http://localhost:6060 🥳.

Good job, you can now start flowsing around the flow blockchain 🏄.