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What is Flow ?

Flow is a relatively new blockchain ecosystem with new approaches to smart contract language design and system architecture.

According to the official website:

Flow is a new blockchain built for the next generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them.


See and docs.onflow for an in-depth introduction to Flow.

Flowser tool

Alright, so Flow is pretty awesome, but where does Flowser fit into the picture ?

Flowser (abbreviated for Flow Browser) is a one of a kind development tool for the Flow blockchain. It lets you inspect the current state of any flow blockchain network (emulator, testnet, mainnet,..) and it also manages the Flow emulator, without you even knowing it.

Development of Flowser started (but not ended) during Flow's FlipFest buildathlon.

Check out our video presentations at FlipFest and Flow Office Hours bellow.

If all you want to do is explore the mainnet or testnet blockchains, check out some other block explorer tools like:

For the complete list of Flow resources and tools, you should check out Get the Flow Down community maintained resource list.