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Development Guide

1. Clone flowser repository

git clone

2. Install dependencies

The following system dependencies are required:

  • Node.js (tested on v14.19)
  • Yarn (tested on v1.22)
  • TypeScript compiler - tsc (tested on v4.7.4)
  • Protocol Buffers compiler - protoc (tested on v3.21)
  • flow-cli

If you're using nvm for Node.js version management, then just run nvm use in project root.

After prerequisites are installed, you can run the following command to set up local environment:

yarn run bootstrap

It's recommended that you don't use your global installation of @nestjs/cli, because that can cause some unexpected issues.

3. Start Flowser

As website

This is the recommended way for quick prototyping purposes, because it's faster.

Note that if you use this command, the app won't be run in the Electron environment, so it's always recommended to also test it with as a desktop app too.

yarn run start

As desktop app

yarn run start:desktop