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Start Flowser with Flow CLI

What's the one tool Flow developers definitely already have? Exactly, it's Flow CLI!

Guess what, you don't need any additional overhead to install and launch Flowser.

All you need to do is run flow flowser and that's it!

For more info see installation instructions.

Processes and Logs

Flowser automatically starts the required Flow tools like Flow Emulator and fcl-dev-wallet, if those are not already started by the developer manually.

Inspect common Flow objects

All the core Flow objects like accounts, blocks, transactions, contracts and events are available for quick inspection right from the UI.

You can also see more details when you click on each row.

Detailed info

Apart from showing quick and usefully info in each table row, Flowser allows you to inspect each object in more detail.

Development wallet

fcl-dev-wallet is another awesome tool that can help you with local development. It offers a nice UI to create test accounts, sign in with those accounts, send transactions and more.

And all of that is natively supported within Flowser!

State snapshots

State snapshots allow you to create checkpoints at different blocks and jump back to those (revert state) at a later time.

This works pretty much exactly the same as the version control system Git, so if you ever heard or used it, you will be familiar with this from the start!